About our Robotics Curriculum Writers

Bill and Nola Garcia


Bill and Nola Garcia have been inspiring, educating and engaging students of all ages for more than two decades in all areas of STEM – Science Technology Engineering and Math. Together, they make a delightful team that has positively impacted thousands of people around the globe. Bill and Nola are immersed in every aspect of engineering and robotics from writing curriculum for pre-school through high school to instructor trainings. They have also been contestants on the wildly successful television show BattleBots.

Bill and Nola are actively inspiring the next generation of technological leaders. Nola was twice appointed to the Florida Board of Professional Engineers.  Bill provides after-school enhancement classes where students are encouraged to use their imagination to build their own robots. “There is nothing like making your own robot move, it’s magical!” reports Nola. “Watching the transformation of people of all ages as they go from never having designed or built a robot to actually constructing their own robot and watching it drive across the floor is so much fun!”

Former students have already made a difference in the world. Young ladies who got the “robot bug” went off to top universities to become engineers, doctors, lawyers, educators, medical professionals and a myriad of other professionals.  Young men have also used their experiences with engineering and robotics to make a difference.  For instance, two former students founded the company Double Robot, and international telepresence robotics company that works with biomedical engineers to develop medical devices and surgical robots. The company also helps sick children participate in school or field trip activities.

Bill and Nola have inspired students around the globe to develop their God-given skills and talents to find solutions for everything from space travel to medicine, to ensuring that everyone on our plant has access to clean drinking water. They believe that in everyone of us there is an engineer or solution finder. “No matter what kind of work you choose to do - you can make a difference and find solutions to all kinds of challenges!”