Class Descriptions

Theater Classes


Broadway Bound

This theater based dance class will focus on all of our favorite Broadway show tunes. Students will be encouraged to dance to famous musical numbers. Acting and singing will be introduced...a triple threat of a talent!

Uniform requirement: Academy shirt



Master Thespians

This class will focus mostly on acting exercises while interpreting popular musicals and plays. No prior dance experience needed but we will move! With acting, singing and dancing packed all into this dynamic class, students will showcase their finest talents. 

Uniform requirement: Academy shirt

Ballet Classes


Petite Ballet

Students will learn basic forms of movement through songs, music and rhythmical patterns.

Uniform requirements: Pink leotard, pink skirt and pink slippers.




Level I and Level II ballet technique classes. Instruction and conditioning.

Uniform requirements: Black leotard, pink tights and pink slippers.


Visual Arts Classes



Students will use fine motor skills, language and cognitive skills all while using their imaginations to create masterpieces!

Uniform Requirement: Academy Shirt


Drawing for beginners

Students will learn how to draw basic shape of objects including pencil line drawing, sketching and shading techniques and drawing circles and cones.

Uniform Requirement: Academy Shirt


Artistic Innovators

Students will explore different ideas on how to draw and create different objects. Their final projects will consist of bringing their sketches to life with 3D models of their original designs.

Uniform Requirement: Academy Shirt

Engineering & Robotics Classes



Students will learn basic motion simple machine and Newton's law of motion, all while exploring and collaborating together.

Uniform Requirement : Academy Shirt





This S.T.E.M based robotics enrichment program will introduce students to real world physics using simple machines to create more complex projects. The students will learn basic programming in order to bring their robots to life. They will develop their skills in team building and problem solving strategies.

Uniform Requirement: Academy Shirt


As a skilled roboteer, students will fine tune their critical thinking skills through creative programming, engineering mechanics, robot design and building!

Uniform Requirement: Academy Shirt

Click here to learn more about our robotics curriculum authors!

Coding classes


Intro to Coding

This course will show some beautiful applications of computers that have changed the world, talk about the history of computing, and where it will go in the future. This becomes the segue to the introduction of emerging technologies that will change our landscape going forward including but not limited to 3D Printing and Design, Virtual and Augmented Reality, and Cybersecurity.

Uniform Requirement: Academy Shirt

Cheerleading classes


bring it on!

In this cheerleading class, students will learn the basics of beginner level motions, jumps, discipline and cheers all while enhancing self-esteem, character and social skills!

Uniform Requirement: Academy t-shirt, black soffe shorts or black leggings, sneakers


Varsity Competitive Team

School team will compete locally. Practices will take place twice a week. Tryouts are required.

Uniform Requirement: Academy t-shirt,  black soffe shorts or black leggings, sneakers

Foreign Languages Classes


Touring the World in Spanish!

For our expanding minds, students will take a tour around the world while honing in on basic language skills sets of colors, numbers, songs, common everyday phrases.

Uniform Requirement: Academy t-shirt

Dance Classes


Flamenco for Kids

Authentic Flamenco Level I instruction. Students will also be taught the art of the “braceo” which is the working and positioning of the arms particular to the art of Spanish dance.

Uniform Requirement: Black long sleeve leotard, spanish skirt, black Flamenco shoes


Contemporary/Lyrical Dance

This class will concentrate mostly on flexibility and interpretive dance. Perfect for those that have not been able to study dance before!

Uniform Requirement : Black leotard, black leggings, ballet/lyrical shoes


Latin Dance Fusion

A mixture of different Latin dance styles, students will learn focus on basic fundamentals, timing, movements, styling, dance technique in solo and partner dance.

Uniform Requirement : Academy shirt, comfortable shoes

Life Skills Classes


SEw fantastic 1 

Students can learn sewing & embroidery techniques and create a variety of small projects such as purses, pillows and more!





SEW Fantastic 2 (MIDDLE School and High School)

Students will learn the basics of sewing with a sewing machine. From threading their machine and a bobbin to creating their own styles from a project of their choice!

Uniform Requirement : Academy t-shirt



Yoga for Kids

Focus will be on kid-centric yoga poses while encouraging movement and teaching breathing and calming techniques.

Uniform Requirement : Academy t-shirt, black leggings/shorts